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    Motorized Shades

    Our motorized blinds and shades provide reliable motorization at an affordable price. Operating your shades has never been more convenient with several motorization options. Simply press a button and walk away while the motor does the work for you! Operate your motorized shades from a wand and pendant, remote or mobile device with Bluetooth® wireless technology. With several options to choose from you’ll be sure to find the right motorized window treatment for your home.

    Why Motorized Shades?


    Raise, lower and tilt your shades with the touch of a button. No more fiddling with cords or manually adjusting each shade to your favorite position. The tedious task of operating a group of coverings is now simplified. Simplicity Rechargeable Motorization is the ideal solution for hard to reach or oversized windows.


    Our Motorized Window Treatment design removes removes the need for cords and reduces potential child and pet safety hazards.


    Simplicity motors are backed by a 5 year warranty along with a Comfortex Limited Lifetime Warranty for the shade.

    Bluetooth® Enabled Product

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    It’s easy to set up. It’s easy to use. Once you download the free Color Lux® Mobile app, all you need to operate your shades is your mobile phone.

    Mobile Operation

    • Simplicity – with Bluetooth® wireless technology

      Color Lux® Cellular, Roller, Sheer & Soft Roman Shades

      Bluetooth® wireless technology is available on all Color Lux®  motorized shades.  Now you can control your shades right from your phone without the need for a separate remote or smart controller. 

      The Color Lux® Mobile App enables several exciting features. You can connect as many shades as you would like to the app. Operate up to five shades at once. Monitor your battery charge level. Or see a visual display of where all of your shades are positioned.

    • Simplicity – Neo Smart App

      Cellular, Roller, Sheer & Roman Shades

      The Simplicity Smart Controller powered by NEO Smart Blinds App is a small device that you install in your home that allows you to set automatic opening and closing times for all Simplicity motorized shades. You also have the ability to control your motorized shades from a phone, tablet or PC anywhere in world.

    Remote Control Operation

    • Simplicity – Remote

      Cellular, Roller, Sheer & Roman Shades

      Simplicity Rechargeable Motorized Shades with remote control use radio frequency transmission to operate the shade. Radio frequency motorization is excellent for any space with large windows, multiple windows, or for the simple convenience and child-safe method of operating shades.

    • Somfy – Remote

      NEWPORT & ARIA Wood Blinds

      Instantly create the ideal natural light environment without having to interrupt your activity with a simple button press.Exclusive Somfy MY feature saves a favorite/preferred product position without having to fine tune it each time. The Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) battery powered tilt motors are offered with all our wood blind products and Roller Pro shades.

    Power Wand Operation

    • Simplicity – PowerTouch™

      Cellular, Roller, Sheer & Roman Shades

      PowerTouch™ Rechargeable Motorized Shades are the perfect battery powered option for the budget savvy consumer. The wand and pendant operation lifts and lowers the shade with the touch of a button.

    Powering Options


    No need to ever replace your batteries! Keep your shades powered with the rechargeable battery option for remote control motorization. Rechargeable motorization… Lessen your impact on the environment while saving money!


    Charge your Simplicity Rechargeable Shades with the standard charger.

    EZ Charge Extension Wand

    EZ Charge Extension Wand is the newest innovation in rechargeable motorization. Easily charge your hard to reach Simplicity Rechargeable Shades with the EZ charge extension wand. The wand extends up to 31” in length.

    Solar Panel

    Our solar panels provide continuous charging in even low-light. We are so confident that your shades will be continuously charged under normal usage that if your battery pack fails to hold a charge, we will refund you the cost of the solar panel, plus provide you a free plug-in charger.

    Hardwire Non-Rechargeable

    Reloadable Battery Wand

    12 Volts

    Batteries are needed to operate Simplicity motors. The battery wand can be clipped to the head rail or wall or ceiling mounted utilizing white battery wand clips. The 12 volt battery wand measures 17¼”, and comes with eight AA alkaline batteries, and is white in color. The battery wire is 10” long. A 48” extension wire is available.

    Single Unit Plugin DC Power Supply

    12 Volts

    12 Volt DC power supply/transformer is available and requires a standard power outlet to power the motor. The transformer is an alternative to a battery wand. Each transformer can power a single shade. The DC power supply is white and comes with a 80” wire. The dimensions are 17⁄8” wide x 3¼” long x 11⁄4” deep.


    12 Volts

    Low Voltage hardwire powered motors are available for Cellular Bottom Up shades. The system offers a maintenance-free power option for Simplicity Motorized Shades. Our Simplicity power transformer  provides power for up to 9 individual shades per box. 

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