Cordless Shades

    A pioneer in cordless window shades, Comfortex Window Fashions offers the most reliable and innovative cordless solutions for your home. Cordless systems are ideal for homes with children and pets and for easy to reach locations.

    Why Cordless?

    1. EASE OF USE

    Raise, lower and tilt your shades with the touch of a button. No more fiddling with cords or manually adjusting each shade to your favorite position. The tedious task of operating a group of coverings is now simplified. Simplicity Rechargeable Motorization is the ideal solution for hard to reach or oversized windows.


    The cordless design removes the need for cords and reduces potential child and pet safety hazards.


    No cords means no tangled hanging mess to deal with when trying to operate your shade. Just a simple, sleek handle on the bottom rail of the shade.

    Cordless Hardware

    • Ultra

      Perfect for Child Safety or when no visible cords are desired. Coordinating rail colors and end caps create a seamless, stylish look from top to bottom.

      Pictured: Cellular in Linen Weave

    • Lift & Lock™

      Cordless Lift & Lock Shades can be raised or lowered by pressing the button located on the bottom rail and guiding the rail into the desired location. Children and pets have safer surroundings in homes that have window shades without operating cords, reducing the risk of strangulation.

      Pictured: Cellular in Linen Weave

    • FeatherTouch™

      The FeatherTouch™ Cordless System, available on Color Lux® and select Envision fabrics, just needs a simple push of your fingers, as light as a feather, to raise your shades. To lower, simply pull down the bottom rail to your desired location. With Feather Touch, your shades will be just as easy to operate at any size. You’ll love how smooth the operation is on these shades.

      Pictured: Color Lux® Roller

    • Standard

      Easily raise or lower the shade with a gentle lift or pull on the bottom rail. A cordless shade provides a clean, neat look without dangling operating cords.

      Pictured: Envision™ Roman

    Additional Cordless Options

    Top Down – Bottom Up

    This system allows you to raise the shade from the bottom up or lower the shade from the top down. Top Down-Bottom Up shades combine privacy and light control features. The perfect solution for bedrooms, pull the top rail down to let light in while maintaining privacy. Stack the fabric at the bottom of shade, at the top of the shade or anywhere in between. Available in cordless ultra and lift & lock hardware.

    Pictured: Cellular in Linen Weave

    Wand Control

    Operate your shade with a convenient wand and pendant operation. Simply pull the wand in the direction you’d like the shade to go.

    Pictured: Envision™ Panel Track


    These sliding window treatments are ideal for over doors, wide windows and room dividers. With a variety of stacking options and a sleek valance, Ovation Cellular Slider Vertical Shades can work in any room!

    Pictured: Cellular

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