Corded Shades

    With smooth operating mechanisms and reliable, child safety compliant cord-tension devices, all Comfortex corded shades offer a reliable solution for larger and hard to reach shades.

    Why Corded?


    When your window height is very tall and out of reach, corded shades are a great affordable option. 


    If you live in a home without any small children, corded shades are the most affordable and conventional option available. 


    All Comfortex corded shades have child safety features that secure the cords taught or break apart when pressure is applied. This reduces potential child and pet safety hazards.

    Corded Hardware

    • Cord Lock

      Cord lock shades allow you to raise and lower the shade by pulling on the single cord. The shade may be stopped at any point. Cord Lock shades offer a smooth operating experience with hardware that colors that coordinate with your fabric and provides a clean, simple look.

      Pictured: Cellular in Line Weave

    • Cord Loop

      For easy lowering and raising of shades, opt for a continuous cord loop control system. Cord loop shades are pulled in a circular motion to raise or lower the shade. Coordinating rail colors and end caps create a seamless, stylish look from top to bottom.

      Pictured: Cellular in Linen Weave

    • Retractable Cord

      The Retractable Cord system is an alternative to cord loop operated shades to enhance child safety. A color coordinated cord and tassel is standard with all single cord operator shades.

      Pictured: Envision™ Roller 

    • Standard

      Bead chain operated shades are easy to lower and raise with the simple pull of your chain. All beads chains come with child safe tension devices and ensure a smooth operation for your shade.

      Pictured: Envision™ Roller 

    Additional Options

    Top Down – Bottom Up

    This system allows you to raise the shade from the bottom up or lower the shade from the top down. Top Down-Bottom Up shades combine privacy and light control features. The perfect solution for bedrooms, pull the top rail down to let light in while maintaining privacy. Stack the fabric at the bottom of shade, at the top of the shade or anywhere in between.

    Pictured: Cellular in Linen Weave

    Two on One Headrail

    This option allows two separate shades to be built on one head rail. Perfect for large window openings with multiple windows. Also available in cordless options.

    Pictured: Cellular in Linen Weave


    StrataView™ is a dual panel shade with a sheer top and your available only with Color Lux® fabric as the bottom panel. Also available with cordless and motorized options.

    Pictured: Color Lux® Cellular with Linen Weave Bottom Fabric

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