January 19, 2017

Sheer Shadings

Color Lux Linen Weave Cellular

     Overtones™ Sheer Shades |  Silver Lining Collection  |  Millennium Light Filtering

     Overtones™ Sheer Shades  |  Galaxy Collection  |  Milky Way

     Shangri-La® Sheer Shadings  |  2" Linen Light Filtering  |  Khaki

     Paradise Sheer Shadings  |  Kalani Collection  |  Sea Pearl  |  2 1/2" Light Filtering

     SoftTones Sheer Shadings  |  Candle Light



Sheer Shadings gently soften the incoming sun. The Shangri-La® fabric vanes are suspended between dual sheer layers, and tilt to adjust privacy, control light and minimize UV damage to interior furnishings. The exclusive Omni-View Hardware system does what no other sheer hardware can – raise the fabric up to 24″ with the vanes open – while allowing for a wide range of shading variations. Enjoy the view with cord loop, radio frequency motorization or our innovative cordless PowerTouch™ option.





Sheer Shadings is made from sturdy, knitted polyester fabric and may be feather dusted or vacuumed at a low suction setting. Spots or stains can be lightly rubbed clean with a damp sponge and mild soap. Precautions should be taken to reduce exposure to harsh environmental elements, such as salt air. Continuous exposure to salt air through open windows and doors will accelerate fabric deterioration over time. Important: Do not clean the fabric using electrostatic wipes such as Swiffer® or Pledge Grab-It®. Shangri-La® fabric may also be ultrasonically cleaned. For additional advice on care or cleaning, please contact our Technical Service Department at 800.843.4151.


All Sheer Shadings are covered by the Comfortex Limited Lifetime Warranty as a commitment to your satisfaction.


Installation Instructions for all products can be found here.