January 19, 2017

Roman Shades

Color Lux Linen Weave Cellular

     Envision™ Flat Roman Shades  |  Camille  |  Beechtree

     Envision™ Flat Roman Shades |  Lunel  |  Autumn 

     Envision™ Flat Roman Shades  |  Toulon  |  Sapphire

     Envision™ Hobbled Roman Shades  |  Calista  |  Amaryllis

     Envision™ Hobbled Roman Shades  |  Helena  |  Royal



Roman Shades are the perfect way to create a classic and beautiful look to your home. Soft roman fabrics in a hobble roman shade creates luscious folds for a rich drapery appearance. Flat Panel Roman shades offer a great contemporary appeal and is available in every roller fabric. Available as cord lock, cord loop and cordless options, and with the Top Down-Bottom Up feature perfect for bedrooms, there is a perfect roman shade for every room in the home.





Roman fabrics are easy to care for. Occasional light vacuuming with a soft bristle attachment or gentle feather dusting is all that is required to keep Envision® Elevance Roman Shades looking fresh and neat. The soft fabrics that are available with this system may need occasional steaming, especially if shades remain in the raised position on a regular basis and the tear drop folds settle in. For additional advice on care or cleaning, please contact our Technical Service Department at 800.843.4151.


All Roman Shades are covered by the Comfortex Limited Lifetime Warranty as a commitment to your satisfaction.


Installation Instructions for all products can be found here.