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The fabric, valance, and vane fabric are 100% polyester. They are resilient, anti-static, and dust resistant. Periodic cleaning is recommended to help keep Vertical Sheer Shadings looking like new. For all cleaning applications, fabrics should remain hanging to minimize handling, wrinkling, or puckering.
Important: Disposable gloves should be worn when handling fabrics.

Routine Cleaning:
Use a feather duster for regular light dusting. For more through dust removal, a hand-held vacuum with low suction may be used. When vacuuming, avoid pulling or stretching the fabric. Caution: Do not use a brush attachment or rigorous vacuuming since either could distort the fabric.

Spot Cleaning: To reduce the potential for permanent staining, spots should be treated and cleaned as soon as possible with a clothing stain pre-treatment solution. Apply the pre-treatment solution to a clean, white cloth. Support the fabric from behind using another clean, dry cloth. Clean the spot using a gentle blotting action. Avoid rubbing the fabric since any abrasive action may cause it to distort. Let the area air dry. After the area is dry, remove excess solution by blotting it with distilled or bottled water applied to another clean cloth.

Vertical Sheer Shadings should not be dry cleaned or cleaned with an electrstatic cleaning device.

Please review the Installation and Care Guide for detailed information on proper removal, handling and additional cleaning and care details.

If you have any questions, call your Comfortex Window Fashions dealer for advice.


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