Color Lux 2017 Spring Colors

This Spring, Comfortex Window Fashions has created a palette of ‘top colors’ for your window shades from our Color Lux® Collection. We believe these colors will give your rooms just the right pop of energy, but are soothing enough to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Color Lux Spring Shade Colors for 2017

Calming Silver – Greys are still in, and Calming Silver will bring a nice alternative to a boring white wall. It has a blue hue to it so it can be paired with navy or cobalt blue furniture or draperies.

Fresh Mint – bring nature inside your home with Fresh Mint. Nothing says Spring like this grassy green shade.

Crystal Spring – when you are dreaming of the beach, look no further than Crystal Spring to remind you of the ocean.

Wave Crest – this is a refreshing color that is still peaceful and relaxing. It evokes energy and life into a room while still providing balance.

Ivory Escape – this neutral has the pureness and softness of white, but adds more warmth to a room.

Violet Pearl – If you are looking to add a feeling of romance or nostalgia, than Violet Pearl is a good color choice for your window shades. Paired with beiges and light browns, it can give your room a contemporary earthy palette.

To see what these colors would look like in a room, visit and click on “Use Color Lux® colors” then enter the color number or name. There are 800 colors to choose from! To find the perfect shade for your window, view all of our collections.

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